Migrate a WordPress Site From Local Host to a Live Server

Updated November 15th, 2017
Updated November 15th, 2017
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WordPress is a web software that was previously used only for blog development, but now it has extended its features and is one of the competitors in the market of web based technology.

Making a website by installing WordPress on a local machine is not always the motive of developers; a live website is always a dream for many because it becomes difficult for the successful migration of a website from local server to hosting provider live server.

This article discusses the methods I sometimes use to migrate a website from a local host to a live server.

Often it depends on the type of features available at the hosting server and the website also needs to be configured before migration. I will be explaining a process which is simple and makes your work easy, but before that always remember it is good to take a long simple way with a higher chance of reaching your destination than to take a complex shortcut route with possibilities of failure.

First Process of Website Migration:

  1. First of all, go to the folder where you created your website in your local machine, then simply put it on your desktop.
  2. Go to control panel of your hosting provider and create a folder with the same name as in your desktop and also create the subfolders accordingly.
  3. Then browse and upload the files, in their respective folders.
  4. Now go to database section in your control panel and create a new database with the same name as in your local database.
  5. Now write queries to create tables under that database in the live server and also to insert data (it is always a good practice to insert only some relevant data in your local site for testing purpose and to upload other data at the live server)
  6. Now in case you had your local site name as test or something like that then you may want to change it, in that case browse through folders in live server c panel and search for site URL file and change the name there.

Go to the address bar and check your website, it is live. The second and the most complex method is to migrate via a file transfer protocol service provider like FileZilla. You can easily get FileZilla or other similar software on the internet by asking Google.

Second Process:

  1. Go to your local SQL server and click on the database you need to migrate and click on export button, this will create a zip of your database.
  2. Next run FileZilla and enter the credentials like your website URL, your username and password, choose the files you need to transfer and click on upload.
  3. Now go to the database section in your control panel in the live server and click on the options for importing your local database and upload it.
  4. Go to the site URL file by browsing among all the files in your live server and change the URL to your site URL in case it is something like tests, etc.
  5. Check your website, it will be live.

Though the second method is used by most users, as it is easy and quick, I recommend for the beginners to use the first method because it is the easier one and will leave no chance of error, once you become experienced in managing c panel then you can try the second method.

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