How to Move Your Blog From Blogger to WordPress And Keep Your Google Ranking

Are you tired of having no control over your own blog on BlogSpot? If so, you may start looking for other alternatives. A popular option for your BlogSpot blog would be to move from blogger to WordPress. WordPress gives you your own domain instead of having at the end of your URL.

However, as safety comes first, you may want to back up your blogger blog first before thinking about changing or moving your blog. Just in case.

Selection of a webhosting provider

To begin, you need a WordPress hosting provider and a unique domain. There are several WordPress hosting providers (such as bluehost) and you may choose whichever one you like. After that, you sign up for WordPress hosting and choose a unique domain name and complete the set up.

Importing contents into WordPress

WordPress offers an option to import contents of your blog (i.e. your blog posts and your reader comments) in an easy one-click move.  You need to go to Tools ~ Import and select Blogger. All of your blog posts on blogger and reader comments will be imported to WordPress. You will need to put down an author to the imported posts and may also choose to assign it to an existing author.

However, it is to be noted that the contents of your blog are not exactly “switching” places from blogger to WordPress, they are just a copy of what has been posted on your blogger account and the original ones are still over on blogger. It is also to be noted that if you are using a foreign comment system other than the blogger commenting system, they will not be moved. Finally, this easy one-click option only moves blog posts and comments, not the images – as they were hosted on blogger.

Effect of Permalinks on your site

There is more than just switching the site for your blog. You need to ensure that your existing visitors can still find you and for that, you must maintain Google search rankings. To do this, there are two angles that you need to take care of. First, where the permalinks has changed. Since you are moving your content, you will lose the traffic as the URLs (permalinks) of your old posts would change.

To set this up, go to Settings ~ Permalinks. Secondly, blogger will not redirect your existing visitors to WordPress. As visitors come through search engines or sites that are linked to a webpage, they will not get a clue if your blog is changing as they are not going to be redirected there.

To fix this, go to your blogger dashboard and choose to change your current template to the classic template. Paste your new wordpress site URL on template editor and save the changes. After this, your visitors will be redirected to your new WordPress page every time they open your old blog.

To get your old RSS subscriber to keep reading in your new blog, you can add the address of your new WordPress RSS feed in your blogger setting. Your WordPress page is now good to go!

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