How To Create A Business Website With WordPress Using Brizy And Astra

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To track your progress through this video for FREE, sign up for a FREE account here on WPLearningLab and soak up this information as a true course. Where each part of the video is its own module/lesson that you can quickly refer back to whenever you want. Simply go to this page and click on “Login to Enroll”, then click “Register an Account” and enter a username and an email address. You’ll be in the course a few minutes later at zero cost.

Below are the important links mentioned in the video:

1. Link to SiteGround hosting discount (aff).
2. Link to download the free Brizy page builder.
3. Link to download the free Astra theme.
4. Link to WPLearningLab’s resources page.
5. Link to Brizy overview video (on YouTube).
6. Link to Astra overview video (on YouTube).

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video. Click on the timestamp to jump to that part of the tutorial! These time-stamps all open on the YouTube site. 

4:15 Complete website preview

Get Hosting & Domain Name

7:03 Buy hosting and domain name
12:54 SiteGround account dashboard and install WordPress

Install & Configure WordPress Basics

13:10 Visiting your new WordPress site
13:35 Logging in for the first time
14:17 SiteGround verification emails
15:21 Remove new WordPress install demo data
16:32 Edit your user profile
18:00 Change your site’s title
18:13 Change your site’s tagline
18:20 What is the WordPress membership setting?
18:39 A little bit about WordPress user roles
19:17 Change your site’s language
19:36 Change your site’s time zone
19:54 Change your site’s date format
20:19 Change your site’s time format
20:33 Set the day your week starts on

Install A Fast Theme And A Great Page Builder

20:38 Download and install the free Brizy page builder
22:11 Download and install the Astra theme
23:02 Delete themes you don’t need

Install A Starter Site

23:13 Install an Astra Start Site for Brizy
25:14 View the freshly imported Starter Site

Customize The Nav & Logos (Astra Theme)

25:58 Create the main navigation in the Customizer
26:38 Change the logo in the main navigation
27:20 Change the logo width
27:47 Add a site icon
28:51 Change the header layout
29:09 Customize the last item in the menu
29:30 Customize the button style
31:03 Add a border below the menu system
32:35 Change menu link color
33:37 Optimize the main navigation for mobile
34:33 What is a break point?
35:54 Set mobile menu button style
37:05 Why hide last item in menu on mobile?
37:58 Set mobile header alignment
38:18 Shrink logo size on mobile only

Customize The Footer (Astra Theme)

39:24 Start customizing the footer
39:32 Set the footer logo
40:02 Edit a footer text widget
40:25 Customize the social sharing widgets
44:11 Customize footer navigation links
45:00 Edit the Astra List Icons widget in the footer
46:41 Edit the copyright footer
47:45 Optimize the footer for mobile
48:32 Review the header and footer

Customize The Homepage (Brizy Page Builder)

48:48 Open the Brizy page builder
49:04 Replace a background image
50:42 Change the alignment of background images
51:21 More background options in Brizy
51:41 Change the alignment of text
51:51 Change the padding on an element
52:40 Change the color of text
53:00 Change the color of a button
54:10 Adjust the button border
54:36 Add a shadow to a button
55:21 Use a button’s general settings
55:40 Edit text on the page
56:02 Adjust padding by drag and drop
56:28 Use Brizy’s undo feature
56:48 Create a transparent header
58:09 The impressive Brizy typography presets
59:12 Apply a tag to any text element in Brizy
1:00:23 Create and apply a new typography style
1:01:21 Custom typography styles explained
1:02:52 Change the color of icons
1:03:29 Change the height of the divider element
1:03:41 Where to find Brizy elements in the editor
1:03:44 Add a Brizy button and apply styles to it
1:04:20 Duplicate buttons
1:04:49 Change icons
1:05:14 Add more columns
1:06:03 Create background color overlays
1:08:00 Create a slideshow from any row
1:10:01 Create a customized testimonial
1:12:48 Customize images

Customize The About Page (Brizy)

1:17:42 Start tweaking the about page
1:18:30 What are global elements?
1:20:13 Create a gradient overlay
1:22:08 Use site-wide color styles
1:23:13 Use negative margins
1:24:21 How does the accordion widget work?
1:25:37 Use the counter widget

Customize The Services Page (Brizy)

1:27:11 Edit the services page

Customize The Contact Page (Brizy)

1:31:31 Edit the contact page
1:32:05 Add a map as a background
1:33:25 Use the map widget
1:34:03 Create a form with Brizy

Check The Entire Site For Mobile (Brizy)

1:36:55 Optimize the site for mobile

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