You Need This WP Plugin To Abide By EU Cookie Laws

In this post, I will show you how to use the Cookie Law Info plugin to display a cookie bar on your WordPress site so that are in compliance with European Union Cookie Laws.

Privacy laws around the world (especially in the EU) require that you display a visible notice in your website stating what information is being stored about the visitors. Browser cookies are specifically mentioned in the laws.

It is possible to create this type of notice manually, but you will need some time and coding expertise. To make your job easier, there are some WordPress plugins that will create the notice for you. Cookie Law Info is one of them. This excellent free plugin comes with all the necessary options to abide by the European cookie laws.

Getting Started

Install and activate Cookie Law Info from the WordPress plugin repository.

The plugin will create a new menu in your website dashboard – Cookie Law Info.

At this point, the plugin will automatically display a cookie notice at the bottom of your site.


Setting up Cookie Law Info

Go to Cookie Law Info > Cookie Law Settings from your website dashboard. This page allows you to customize the plugin options. As the page is divided into several settings categories, I will discuss them one by one.



First of all, you will find an option to turn off the cookie bar. Then, you can choose to display the cookie bar in the header or footer. The next two options will let you choose the loading and hiding effects of the cookie bar.

If you want to auto-hide the cookie bar after a certain period of time, choose ‘Yes’ in ‘Auto-hide cookie bar after delay’ and define the display duration in the next field. The duration should be set in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Alternatively, you can choose to hide the cookie bar once the visitor scrolls the page.

If you want, you can display a show again tab for the cookie bar. To do so, select ‘Yes’ in the ‘Use Show Again Tab’ field. Then, select the tab position, margin and provide the link text.

Cookie Law Message Bar


You can customize the cookie bar message details from this section. First of all, provide the actual message in the ‘Message’ field. Then, select the cookie bar background color and text color.

If you enable the border, choose the border color too. Lastly, you can choose the font family from the ‘Font’ field.

Customise Buttons


As the name suggests, this section lets you customize the buttons.

Provide the text for the button in the ‘Link Text’ field. By default, the ‘Accept’ button in the cookie bar is used to hide the bar. But you can also choose to link to a URL. To do so, choose ‘Open URL’ in the ‘Action’ field. In the next few fields, you will find separate options to provide the URL, open the link n new window, link color etc.

If you are using the button to open a URL, it makes sense to show the button as a link. You can do that by choosing ‘Link’ in ‘Show as button’ field.

If you choose to use the button, you can select the button color and size from the last two fields.

Using the Shortcodes


Cookie Law Info comes with some handy shortcodes too. By using these shortcodes, you can customize the message displayed in the cookie bar. The shortcodes allow you to show only a green ‘Accept’ button, or show it in other colors.

If you want to display a table of cookies, there’s a dedicated shortcode for that too. There are two other shortcodes for displaying a link to delete the cookies. The first one will display the link in English, while the other one lets you display it in other languages.


The advanced section has only one option – Reset. By clicking the ‘Delete settings and reset’ button, you can reset the changes you made above. Use this option if the plugin is clashing with other themes of plugins.

Your Thoughts

If you want to display a cookie bar notice in your website, Cookie Law Info is one of the top solutions for WordPress. With every possible customization options for each aspect of the cookie bar, the plugin provides the users with so much controlling power over the cookie notice.

Are you convinced by the features of Cookie Law Info? Will you use the plugin in your WordPress site? Let me know in the comments. And if you think there’s a better plugin, please let me know the name. I can’t wait to take a look at that plugin.


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