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Use WordPress Custom Post Types To Organize Your Content Better

What is a WordPress custom post type template?

To answer that, let’s first start with the two post types built into WordPress: posts and pages. Posts are for blog posts and usually display on the front end along with a publication date, an author, comment count, and tags and categories. Pages on the other hand, display without any of that extra information. How post and pages display on the front end is the post type template. A custom post type template then is similar to posts and pages in that it displays content in the front end, but you as the creator of the custom post type can define what information the post editor collects and how it’s displayed on the front end for your visitors. This will make more sense as you go through this tutorial.

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How To

Contact Form 7 PayPal integration To Accept Payments

Since Contact Form 7 is so popular, developers have created a lot of 3rd party add-ons to try fly on the coattails of its’ success. For that reason you’ll find an CF7 add-on for pretty much anything a contact form can do. Including a popular contact form 7 paypal integration. This tutorial shows you how to integrate the two and accept payments.

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