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Sellbery – Multi-Channel eCommerce Platform – Sell On Multiple Marketplaces

Managing just one eCommerce store can be so time-consuming that you don’t even consider opening another store on different platforms to maximize your exposure.

That’s where Sellbery comes in. With a little bit of set up, you can sell your products in multiple marketplaces without any extra effort or wasted time.

The best part is, all of the eCommerce platforms you sell on will be synced so you don’t oversell any of your inventory.

And all you have to do is manage your primary eCommerce store and Sellbery takes care of all the rest.

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Elementor Pro Part 4 – Elementor Slider Widget

Some web designers will tell you, “it’s not a website until it has a slider on the homepage”.

Whether you agree with that satement or not, the Elementor slider widget makes some great-looking sliders and it has LOTS of configuration options.

We’re going to take a look at building a slider with Elementor in this tutorial.

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Tooltip Glossary Plugin

This plugin combines two major functions into one: full-fledged glossary and media-rich tooltip functionality.

You can create a glossary which is a list of definitions that are important to the topic of your website and then have those definitions appear automatically throughout your site where the defined terms are mentioned.

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Elementor Pro Part 3 – Elementor Form Builder

In this tutorial, I show you how to use and customize the stock Elementor form builder, not ones that appear when you have form builders like Contact Form 7 or NinjaForms.

You’ll want to special attention when I show you the “actions”, which is where you set up the emails that are sent to you, the emails sent to the form submitter, redirections after form submission and more.

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Top 4+1 WordPress Security Plugins 2019

If you’re shopping around for WordPress security plugins check out this video.

These are the top 4 WordPress security plugins right now based on how many active users they have and their star rating.

The +1 is a security plugin that I use on all of my sites. It’s new, paid-only and doesn’t have the sway of the big plugins yet, but it works very well.

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13 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

1. The offer must be clear 2. Simple and clean visuals 3. Calls-to-action in contrasting color 4. Important info must be above the fold 5. Use scarcity (ethically) 6. Call-to-action buttons must be easy to understand 7. Add contact information 8. A/B split test headlines, copy & form length 9. Consistent message and branding 10. Social Proof 11. SEO the landing page 12. Add an exit popup 13. Optimize page speed

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Elementor Pro Part 2 – Elementor Post Widget

The Elementor post widget has at least 50 different settings that allow you to customize how a list of blog posts is displayed.

By default, the widget shows the most recent blog posts, but you can modify the query to show any blog posts you want.

My favorite setting is “offset” when it’s used style the first post differently than the rest. Find out how it works at 8:08 and beyond.

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