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Add Snippets To WordPress Without A Plugin

Copy/paste the code below into your child theme’s functions.php file. Then copy and paste your Javascript code between the script tags. Then save the functions.php file. If you want more details and step-by-step guidance, watch the video on this post.

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How to check backlinks of any site.

How To Check Backlinks Of Any Website For Free Including Competitors – SEO Spyglass – SEO Powersuite

Still to this day, one of the most important ranking factors in Google is the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site.

But this isn’t the early 2000’s anymore, you need to have a natural looking link profile to succeed.

In this tutorial I’m showing you SEO Spyglass, which is currently free on AppSumo for a year.

I normally don’t publish videos about AppSumo products, but I’ve been using the Enterprise version of SEO Powersuite, which includes SEO Spyglass, for a number of years.

The whole suite is fantastic and if you can get one of them for free, jump at the chance!

With SEO Spyglass I’ll show you how to check backlinks of any website including your competitors so you can gain their most powerful backlinks.

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Which Theme Is The Fastest?

The goal of this experiment is to determine which of the most popular WordPress themes is the fastest at loading blank pages and loading Elementor page builder pages.

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