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How to Create Conditional Menus In WordPress

With this code snippet you’ll be able to show different menus to different users on your site, in other words, they are conditional menus. The example we use in this post is having a default menu for all visitors, a different menu for logged in admins and yet another menu for logged in users who are not admins. For the logged in users that are admins, the admin bar at the top of every site

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How To Create A Business Website With WordPress Using Brizy And Astra

To track your progress through this video for FREE, sign up for a FREE account here on WPLearningLab and soak up this information as a true course. Where each part of the video is its own module/lesson that you can quickly refer back to whenever you want. Simply go to this page and click on “Login to Enroll”, then click “Register an Account” and enter a username and an email address. You’ll be in the

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Which Theme Is The Fastest?

The goal of this experiment is to determine which of the most popular WordPress themes is the fastest at loading blank pages and loading Elementor page builder pages.

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Hide reCAPTCHA v3 Badge From Your Site

Google’s new reCAPTCHA v3 adds a reCAPTCHA badge to every page on your site. Google does not give you any options to turn it off. Luckily, Travis and Steven shared some tips on the YouTube channel.

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Elementor Pro Part 5 – Elementor Login Widget

The Elementor login widget allows you to put a login form anywhere on an Elementor page or in a Gutenberg page using the Elementor Gutenberg blocks.

You can use this to create a custom login page or simply make the login form more easily accessible for your users.

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10 Most Common WordPress Security Mistakes

If you’re not paying attention to WordPress security then your sites or your client sites are probably easy targets for hackers.

Hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every year and most of the hacks could have been easily avoided.

Through my channel and client work, I have access to A LOT of WordPress sites, and this video is a list of the top 10 most common wp security mistakes I see over and over….and over again.

I’m willing to bet that one of your sites or your client sites is suffering from at least one of these mistakes right now.

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Screaming Frog SEO Spider – Find Broken Internal Links

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a great SEO tool for making sure all the technical SEO on your site is up-to-snuff.

Technical SEO is your site’s titles, headings, post length, sitemaps, 404s, other errors and more. In short, there’s a lot to it.

In this tutorial, we’re going to use Screaming Frog to find broken internal links on our site.

These are links that link from one page on your site to another, but for whatever reason, the destination page doesn’t exist, so it gives a 404 error.

That’s bad for your visitors and if you have lots of 404s search engines don’t like it either. Too many SEOs could cause your rankings to drop.

So hop on this tutorial and I’ll show you how to find the 404s and 2 ways to fix them.

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