Bjorn Allpas

Yoast SEO [2018] Setup & Installation, Step-by-Step – WordPress SEO Complete Walkthrough

It’s finally here. The official 2018 update video for Yoast SEO. It’ll walk you through the setup if you have never installed it. And after that you’ll see the new on-page SEO checklist in action which will help maximize your on-page SEO. Join our private Facebook group today! This tutorial is broken into two […]

Keyword Research 2018 & Beyond

The keyword research 2018 methods I use don’t require any paid tools. The free keyword research tools I show in this tutorial are the same ones I use for every creating blog post. The keyword research “industry’s” dirty little secret is that all the keyword data comes from the same place, Google. Here’s how to […]

Contact Form 7 PayPal integration To Accept Payments

Since Contact Form 7 is so popular, developers have created a lot of 3rd party add-ons to try fly on the coattails of its’ success. For that reason you’ll find an CF7 add-on for pretty much anything a contact form can do. Including a popular contact form 7 paypal integration. This tutorial shows you how to integrate the two and accept payments.

Codepen WordPress – Adding Codepen Projects To WordPress

If you want to integrate projects from Codepen with WordPress, then look no further. If you don’t know, Codepen is a place where developers can test and share snippets of HTML, CSS and Javascript which you can then add to your site. The tricky part is getting them to work properly in WordPress. The Codepen […]

Add Last Modified Date To Blog Posts

Whether you like it or not, readers will look at when a post was published and decided whether it is too old to be relevant. That’s where adding a “last updated” date to your posts becomes important. You see it on tons of websites including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Mom […]

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